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Ed In Ibiza

Café del Mar CDs

Café del Mar CDs One of my proudest career signings that grew to become world famous with over 15 Million sales of the CD's and still selling in this digital age on iTunes, Amazon and Ebay.

Originally released on CD and vinyl by React for the UK. I picked up the series after #3 and took it for the World with the template set by James Horrocks and Tom Foley after the 3 amazing earlier React releases. The timing was ripe to take it universal and an entire music genre was born out of the Café Del Mar series.

Although it took a lot of arm twisting in Mercury to make them sign the project - a few red faces later who said it would never work - a common theme in my career and something that makes me smile, because then I know its going to be a success.

Oddly enough, almost as a sign of the future to come, in 1988, whilst working for MCA Records, I compiled and named an album on vinyl and CD called "The Sunset Sound Of LA" so I was on the right track years before, without even knowing and guess where I have lived the last 9 years watching the Sunset? Yes in LA. Life is strange how it circles back to the beginning.
My daughter Olivia was brought into the world with a Café Del Mar CD playing in the hospital delivery room which I put on with candles in the room to help her Mum relax - it must have worked because she was out into this world within 45 minutes. After, whenever Olivia used to cry on a long journey in the car I'd put that Café Del Mar CD in the music player, she'd look at me, nod her head, close her eyes and immediately relax to the music. 
Here's a video from 1997 featuring Jose Padilla, Tong, Rampling, Tony De Vit, Jason Bye and yours truly talking about the Ibiza season '97. 


Space Terrace Ibiza with DJ Carl Cox

Space Terrace Ibiza with DJ Carl Cox I can claim sole responsibility in 1998 of persuading Pepe and Fritz of Space Ibiza to move their infamous Terrace DJ set-up from behind the bar area, where it had been for years, to a back-wall facing the centre of that famous Space Terrace dancefloor and agreeing to my firm insistence that DJ Carl Cox would be booked to play a three deck full-on House music set on the Terrace instead of playing Techno inside their main room. I wanted the Space Terrace dancers to hear Carl play a three-deck House set and see his infectious energy behind the decks because those two Cox elements, the visual and his mixing, together were guaranteed to ignite any dancefloor in the world.
Easy you might say, but no, Fritz flatly refused me at first insisting that Carl only DJ's in the big dark main room with Techno. I said ok, we'll take the 1998 Radio 1 Ibiza Essential Mix recording to another club in Ibiza then, with a smile, because I knew I had that ace up my sleeve. They agreed and a major piece of dance music history was on its first page. The photo below of Pepe and Fritz is from that chat.
Now every DJ in the World wants to play the Ibiza Space Terrace and Carl has featured every year since '98 right up to his big exit party this summer 2016, 18 years of pure Cox magic, the vision of which came to my creative brain one night in December 1997 at the BBC Radio 1 studios when Carl was mixing the end of year 4 hour Essential Mix for me - but the first time on the Terrace that Sunday Aug 28th 1998 was incredible, something extra-ordinary. Carl literally tore the roof off and we had to go up and tie it back down again. I still have the CDs from that afternoon.
That performance, recorded by EG that afternoon, won two awards The Essential Mix of the Year 1998, on BBC Radio 1 and the Essential Mix of the Year in the Muzik Magazine '98 Polls. Well done and Thank you Carl.

Photo 1 is Aug 1999 in the now legenday Space Terrace DJ booth, with Carl just out of picture to my right. I'm looking tanned and seriously concentrating. I'm probably watching some Terrace madness or a Space Bikini girl dancing crazy because that dance floor always had something jaw dropping going on when Carl was spinning :-)
(footnote 2017 - Space Ibiza is gone now. Its called 'Hi')


Ibiza A zillion words have been written, spoken and sung about Ibiza, that little Island off the coast of Spain, its clubs, music, notoriety and unique place in the world.
True to the EG life path I did my bit to ignite the flame of interest and true to form, the Island's energy caressed me, inspired me, loved me, burnt me and left an indelible mark on my soul, but I'm proud of my contribution to today's Ibiza, my work is on the island forever and it was always from the heart not the Euro.

My daughter Olivia is now 18 years old and loves going to Ibiza which obviously has nothing to do with the clubs, she likes to eat there, visit the beaches and to feel free from School, like the children from many centuries gone by. In fact she has been going every year since she was 3 months old and I fully expect to receive 8am telephone calls from her in her late teenage years to come saying that she has just got home to their villa from being out all night as I'm making my first cup of tea of the morning.

EDEN - Ibiza

EDEN - Ibiza Continueing with the EG creative DNA being on the island - the Eden Club logo on top of the building was an EG moment of inspiration - a peach cut in half that also has a suggestive element to it too maybe !!