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Ed In Ibiza

Café del Mar

Café del Mar One of my proudest career signings that grew to become world famous from personally recorded cassettes to over 5 Million sales of the CD's and still selling in this digital age on iTunes, Amazon and Ebay.

Space Terrace Ibiza with DJ Carl Cox

Space Terrace Ibiza with DJ Carl Cox I can claim sole responsibility in 1998 of persuading Pepe and Fritz of Space Ibiza to move their infamous Terrace DJ set-up from behind the bar area, where it had been for years, to a back-wall facing the centre of that famous Space Terrace dancefloor and agreeing to my firm insistence that DJ Carl Cox would be booked to play a three deck full-on House music set on the Terrace instead of playing Techno inside their main room.


Ibiza A zillion words have been written, spoken and sung about Ibiza, that little Island off the coast of Spain, its clubs, music, notoriety and unique place in the world.
True to the EG life path I did my bit to ignite the flame of interest and true to form, the Island's energy caressed me, inspired me, loved me, burnt me and left an indelible mark on my soul, but I'm proud of my contribution to today's Ibiza, my work is on the island forever and it was always from the heart, not the Euro.

My daughter Olivia loves Ibiza she has been going nearly every summer since her first time as a 3 month old little baby in a carry cot. Now she is nearly 20 years old, so enjoys the beaches and the clubs with her boyfriend Alex. Where did those two decades go :-)

EDEN - Ibiza

EDEN - Ibiza Continueing with the EG creative DNA being on the island - the Eden Club logo on top of the building was an EG moment of inspiration - a peach cut in half that also has a suggestive element to it too maybe !!