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EG And Westend Remixes

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EG and Westend Remixes

EG and Westend Remixes From 1988's Rapacious remix of Bobby Brown's Don't Be Cruel, with Timmy Regisford and Boyd Jarvis in a New York studio next door to the famous Studio 54 Club, there was a period of 10 years intense studio experience which had various personal id's like Egor, AKA, EG's Remix, EDdidit and Eddie Gordon before finding a permanent id of WestEnd after the # 3 National hit "The Love I Lost" with Sybil which locked at # 1 in the UK Club Charts for 5 weeks too. After that there was a big demand for WestEnd remixes and we hit the # 1 spot on the UK Club Charts no less than 13 times in the years that followed.
Stand out EG remixes for me in the early days were Bobby Brown's - Don't Be Cruel because it was the first one and MCA Records put my name on the front of the sleeve - they didn't pay me as I was employed by them but the sleeve credit more than made up for that plus being in New York for the first time. Timmy Regisford was instrumental in me joining Motown Records later too.
Pete Pritchard, Steve 'Barney' Chase and I did some fabulous work on Eternal's first six hit singles which all went to No:1 in the UK Club Charts and helped the girls sell 4 million copies of their debut album. Lisa Stansfield - All Around The World remix with its Linda Clifford 'Runaway Love' sample really worked a treat as did our work on Lisa's first solo hit "This Is The Right Time". The DOC - Portrait Of A Masterpiece (a Dr Dre production) which we sampled Charles Earland and Teddy Pendergrass on in the studio with CJ Mackintosh. Remixing The Temptations "All I Want From You" for Motown was an honor and it turned out really funky too, once again with my name on the front sleeve. A lucky guy.
The Lonnie Liston Smith sessions in PWL studios were incredible highlights with Lonnie playing keyboards over our remake of his classic Expansions - much loved by EG the disco dancer. Check out Wag Ya Tail's - 'Xpand Ya Mind' those keys are the man himself, nearly blind but on fire in the studio with Aadil, Mike and Kevin on vocals - another UK Club No:1 without any trouble.
The best West End remixes were done with Peter Pritchard, a brilliant classically trained keyboard player and programmer plus Steve'Barney' Chase, a top class recording studio engineer. Together we would spend hours in studios across West London in Olympic or Townhouse creating mix after mix in House, R&B, Trance, Pop and Dub styles sometimes many different styles for the same song to satisfy the record company or artist. We prided ourselves on being so versatile musically across the genre's. Pete and Barney are still good close friends today which is a true testament to the quality of our work because some nights the tense creativity in those studios could go on until the morning and somebody normally hit a moment of inspiration at 3am which meant finishing at 6am! :-)

My Top 5 West End remixes
No:1 would be the Millennium mix of The State Of Independence for Donna Summer feat Martin Luther King for the 1996 re-release hit single . Barney and I spent two weeks solid on that remix because we had Quincy Jones's original master tapes from Qwest Studio's. Those tapes included backing vocals from Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, James Ingram, Dionne Warwick, Michael McDonald and DeBarge. We turned out a classic for one of my all time favorite artists, Donna Summer, she was amazing to work with. Watching her sing our new version on stage at The Royal Albert Hall was a life moment for me personally.
No:2 -  Ce Ce Peniston's "Keep On Giving Me Your Love" which was used as the Radio version for BBC Radio 1 and gave Ce Ce another hit record. She was a great artist to work with in the 90's - so talented.
No:3 - Dina Carroll's "Express" as it broke her on Radio and started her solo career with our very funky mix that went straight on the playlist.
No:4 - Eternal's "Save Our Love" an inspired session that saw us take an RnB song into a deep gospel influenced house track plus adding a solid RnB mix to the package which combined earned the girls a MixMag Update full front cover as record of the week
No:5 - Donna Summer's "Melody Of Love" which brought her back from the wilderness in the UK Charts before I got to join her label and re-do "I Feel Love" and "State Of Independence" as mentioned before.
No:6 - Eternal "Just A Step From Heaven" (West End RnB Rub) I heard this again the other day (May 2020) 26 years after we delivered it and wondered if it was actually our most complete remix from the first beat to the last it's a tapestry of creativity.
I also must give a mention to the 13 Minute Dub version of WestEnd feat Sybil - The Love I Lost, re-titled The Love I Dub. We created 6 mixes for that and then re-edited the best parts from all six into one 13 minute mix that rocked the Ministry Of Sound dance floor for months being played by the best USA and UK House DJ's on that great MOS sound system. When you are on the dancefloor enjoying yourself then the DJ drops one of your remixes into his set out of the blue it's an incredible feeling - you want to shout "that's mine" but you have to keep it cool and just watch the floor grooving to something that you know every single beat and sound of.
I have a lot of people to thank for my EG/Westend remix career and they include Adrian Sykes, Bob Fisher, Timmy Regisford, Boyd Jarvis, Denis Ingoldsby, Peter Pritchard, Steve ' Barney' Chase, Peter Oxendale, Steve Wolf, Nigel Lowis, Paul Witts, John Trott, Penny (Townhouse), Lola (Sarm West), Greg Castell, Richard Marshall, Tony Cook and Asher (we changed the sound of the famous PWL Studios with that Sybil record), Tilly Rutherford, Les Sharma, Pete Day, Pete Waterman, Phil France RIP, Aadil Rasheed, Paul Kindred, Charvonne (Olympic), C&C Music Factory, Tony Humphries, CJ Mac, David Morales, Frankie Knuckles and Todd Terry for the benchmarks, all the artists and backing singers who came back into the studio to re-sing their songs in different keys so we could weave our Westend magic for them.
Thank you David Cole (RIP) for the inspiration - you were the man who lit up the New York dancefloors with your magic keyboard playing. The quality of dance music from that city changed forever after you left us such was your talent. A Deeper Love A Deeper Deeper Love - PRIDE. A true genius.

Lisa Stansfield - All Around The World (Remix)

Ava Cherry - Gimme Gimme

Club Z - I Wanna Be Someone

Club Zanzibar from New Jersey with Tony Humphries on the mix too. After years of the same programming at the famous PWL studios we were teaching those boys new tricks. A UK Club Chart No:1 followed. Click more to listen...

Wag'Ya'Tail - Xpand Ya Mind

Lonnie Liston Smith giving some real energy to the Wag Ya Tail cover of his Jazz Funk classic Expansions track. Xpand Ya Mind went to No:1 in the UK Club Charts and all the white label promos carried Lonnie's autograph on the label - check Ebay :-) Click more to hear.

West End feat Sybil - Sybil It, The Love I Dub

The Love I Dub bounced around in the Ministry of Sounds club for months and months thanks to a 13 minute mix that the USA and UK House music DJ's loved playing, which was great because that is exactly why it was produced the way it turned out - deep and dark. more coming soon.

Alisha Warren - Touch Me

Alisha is Mica Paris's sister and can sing the houses down but never really hit the heights of her younger kin - the percussion on this track "Touch Me" on RCA was the first time Louie Vega of Masters At Work was used on a UK production after bringing him in from New York. He went on to become very famous whilst Alisha did great session work. Listening back now her Mic is too bassy on this mix. "Touch Me" song was sampled by the 49er's who had a huge hit with their version of Touch Me worldwide.  Enjoy by clicking more..

Third World - Now That We've Found Love

Remixing this classic was amazing as we received the Multi Track tapes direct from Compass Studios in Nassau with all the band members writing on the track sheets describing the sounds in their own Jamaican language. It was like touching genuis. We did this remix for DMC as a gift for all their members worldwide. It sounds dated now on the sampling but we did this in 1993 - computers have come on a long way now. The timbali drums, kick and bass are well put together though. Click more to hear....

West End - The Love I Lost

No.3 National Chart and No.1 UK Club Chart for 5 weeks. House.

West End - Love Rules

RCA 12" UK 1995 Club remix of the Lamont Dozier and Simon Climie song Love Rules sung with gusto by Lorraine and the West End girls. The project became the template for the Spice Girls - no kidding. A Club Chart No.1

Toni Braxton - Breathe Again

Arista CD5" Germany 1993 RnB/Swing,ballad

Those Two Girls - Wanna Make You Go...Uuh!

Arista 12" US 1994 house,euro house

Simone Angel - Walk On Water
A&M Records CD5" UK 1994 euro house

Shiva - Work It Out
FFRR 12" UK 1995 house

Rodeo Jones - Ain't No Sunshine
A&M Records (UK) 12" UK 1993 house

Richard Darbyshire - Wherever Love Is Found
Dome Records 2x12" UK 1997 UK garage,house,garage house

Kylie Minogue - Where Is The Feeling
BMG 2xCD UK 1994 house,acid jazz,downtempo

Pauline Henry - Feel Like Making Love
Sony Soho Square 12" UK 1993 house, downtempo

N.Y.G - The Real Thing
Warner Music UK Ltd. 12" UK 1995 house,garage house

Pauline Henry - Can't Take Your Love (Promo)
Epic 12" UK 1993 house

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