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Barry White


From a potential life of crime as a street gangster to the High Priest of love making music which has caused millions of babies to be born. Seriously. That is some impact to have on earth with your life. Loved his music from his Love Unlimited Orchestra (the title gives it all away :) to his solo songs.

A singer who's songs and singing enhanced my love life, my DJ life, my very soul. A mixture of Gaye, Green and White on the stereo is the perfect recipe for a night of loving with the lady. I will always remember at a Wedding reception with every body sitting eating whilst a soundtrack of music was working away in the background and Barry White's song Can't Get Enough Of Your Love came on the sound system and entire tables of guests rose from their seats clapping, dancing and singing, then sat down to their food again - that's the power of the Love Walrus's magic. God rest his wonderful soul.