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Donna Summer


Listen to her "Whispering Waves" song above and enjoy that amazing melody filled voice of an angel. I used to listen to this song when I was 18 in my room just thinking about my girlfriend Margaret at the time and wondered what it must be like to site and watch the sunset on the Pacific Ocean in California. 30 years later I saw it daily when I moved to live there in 2008..

In 1975 "Love To Love You Baby" stopped me in my tracks on the dancefloor at the Wednesday night Woodville Halls Disco with DJ Steve Maxted in my home town Gravesend. "What is this magic coming out of the speakers?" My 16 year old soul was spellbound.

I would later go on to DJ myself many times at the Woodville Halls, my home town's 1'000 capacity venue, with household name BBC Radio 1 DJs but better than that was 20 years later working directly with Donna Summer herself, remixing three of her songs, getting her back in the UK Top 10 singles chart, three times No 1 on the UK Club Charts and attending her concert at The Royal Albert Hall in 1996 with her. An amazing woman, my favourite of all time. 

My first remix was "Melody Of Love" in 1994 which naturally went to #1 in the UK Dance Charts because it was the return of a dancefloor Goddess. We did commercial dancefloor mixes and Radio mixes as West End (me plus my team) and here's my 'épris' (in love with) remix which took inspiration from "I Feel Love" in its hypnotic groove and rolling synths plus the Donna's vocals chorused together under a strong string hook melody. The video recording is a bit low in volume so turn up your speakers. Donna was very pleased with this one personally. See below the video.


Next up was the re-release of "I Feel Love" in 1995. The original Giorgio Moroder and Peter Belotte 1977 production is in my mind the most perfect dance record ever produced because it totally revolutionised and gave birth to an entirely new genre of dancefloor music all by itself, electronic synth dance recordings. Thousands of hit songs after were recorded in the same way.

The '95 remix came about due to advice I personally gave in a meeting at the Mercury Records New York headquarters. To ask Donna back in the studio in New York to re-record the vocals of "I Feel Love" after hearing that the original masters were destroyed in a fire at the legendary Casablanca Records offices in Los Angeles, California. The 1995 remix I commissioned by Rollo became the UK's No 1 dance record of 1995 (see below), put Donna back in the Top 10 of the UK singles Chart again and gave Manifesto Records the perfect launching pad - a huge hit single.

I didn't feel that I and West End could better the original genius recording but I knew I could re-master and re-EQ that original with newer mastering studio production technology so with the assistance of the legendary Jacko Adams delivered the I Feel Love (Summer '77 Re-Eq '95) version below. Put your headphones on to appreciate the stereo panning from the original brought to the centre of your head. Amazing still today from 1977 to 1995 to 2018. A Buzz Lightyear recording - to infinity and beyond.



The next song we remixed for Donna was Quincy Jones' incredible "State Of Independence", a Jon Anderson and Vangelis original recording which also featured the All Star Choir of Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, James Ingram, Michael McDonald, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Brenda Russell, Dionne Warwick, Kenny Loggins, Peggy Lipton Jones, Dylan Cannon, Dara Bernard, Christopher Cross and Donna Summer on backing vocals..

Once more we took Donna back to No:1 in the UK Dance Charts and back in the UK National singles chart at #13 with my New Millennium '96 Radio version. This was a very personal project to me with its history and lyrical content, so I spent two weeks mixing it with Steve 'Barney' Chase at Olympic Studios in Barnes, London including adding the Martin Luther King speech to fit the songs spiritual meaning. Check it out below. Some good reviews too.

In 1997 Mercury Records were unable to follow through with real budget support to allow us to make new material with Donna, who I felt totally deserved it for her efforts and status as true artist. A typical trait of a major record label, rinsing an artist without an eye on her future plus the efforts for all concerned, her family etc but eighteen years later, in 2015, I pulled some magic out of the air. Driven by inspirational powers high above.

Whilst working on the Grammy's in Los Angeles I took Brett Alperowitz (the New York head of the re-launched Casablanca label) aside from our intense Grammy work and very passionately suggested that a Broadway show featuring the best songs of Donna Summer could be a real commercial success. As her songs had never left the radio playlists around the world, much like Abba's or Queen's legacy of great sing-along masterpiece's.

In 2018 the Broadway show The Donna Summer Musical opened. Sometimes all you have to do is spark the flame and the fire starts.


Sadly today Donna Summer is no longer with us, no longer fills concert halls around the world with her fabulous repertoire of songs because we've lost her. Meanwhile the Pop Idol, The Voice, X-Factor era of the music business chases after the next quick fix who will never last the duration of years that Donna Summer did or match her worldwide appreciation. She was a one off, truly a beautifully amazing talent, who shaped my life and due to the music Angels I got the chance to give a little back. Bella Donna... God bless you...

Right click to download the mixes below :-)

State Of Independence. Donna Summer Feat Martin Luther King. EG Millennium Radio mix.mp3

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I Feel Love Rollos. Donna Summer Monster Mix.EG AnR.mp3

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I Feel Love. Donna Summer. EG Club REEQ.mp3

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