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Ed the DJ says Thank You.

From those great DJ days my thanks to you for your support and friendship. Please click More to see my personal list of appreciation.

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For giving me love and understanding in those DJ days, especially in the beginning, a big thank you to (in random order) My family, Linda Forsyth, Steve Wallis, Howdi and Dot Binning, Terry and Louise Russell, Aadil Rasheed, Adrian Sykes, Johnny 'The Union' Farrell, Pete 'Unit 1' Pritchard, Howdi and Dot Binning, The Flat Crowd, Ellen Johns, Bob Williams, Laura & Susan Eadie, Paula Coomber, Julie Drew, Mark Turley, Sharon Cloherty, Lisa Pascoe, Claire Mulholland, Gina Lyons, Rebekkah Haggar, Ellie Pratt, Lorinda, Jacqui Wooding, Irene Hepple, Maria Laver, Laura Packer, Helen Price, Karen McGee, Dawn Gordon, Patsy, Samantha Buck, Maxine Buck, Angela Farrell, Beverly Diprose, Theresa Diamond, Sammy Ya Reckon, Kerry Ann Mooney, Mark Keeley, Dave Turley, Carlton Walker, John Freeman, Brian Thompson, Tony Cherry, Michael Sheaves, Joe Fergus, Ivan Thornhill (still got the Mic), Gee Moore, Everton Bramble, Kenroy Bramble, Elvis Bramble, Sean Fox, Edmund Farrell, Andrew Lamy, Patrick Lamy, Mark Wallis (RIP). Irvin Farrell, Phil Smith, Joanne Smith, Margaret Farrell, Margaret Skipper, Kevin Davis, Antz, Samantha Wise, Steve Wootton, Big Sue, Angela White, Vicky Savage (RIP), Terry Matthews, Tony Matthews, Timmy Bates, John Woollard, Timmy Redsall (for the Slammer logo), Belinda Love, Vivien Rixson, Donna Morris, Chris 'Goughie' Gough (RIP), Jason Green, Micky Thompson, Graham Fitzgerald (RIP), Dave Forsyth (RIP), Terry Lee, Big John, Howard Toluski, John Dean, Paul Kindred, Sarah Bartholomew, Craig - Marcus & Keith, Tracey Dixon, Dusty, Lisa Beagle, Keely Beagle, Sheila and Claire Harland, Claire Schaverien (Minx) and the girls, Stephanie, Geraldine, Nancy Castle, Clair DeCosta, Michelle Gardner, Martine Walker, Toni Smith, Michelle Smith, Lynn Gay, Jane 'White Hart', Kuwaga (RIP), Harry Diamond, Paul Diamond, Brian Rix, Eamon Evans, John DeSade, Bob James, Eamon Evans, DJ Dave Phillips, Neil Belcher, Soul Brother Ada, Keith Seal, DJ Hardy T, The Dude, Graham Sage, Liz Sage, Richard Sage, Mick and Barbara Smith (RIP), Naughty Joanna, Richard "Baldy" Walters, Jim Claxton, Paul Steadman, Steve Shelton, Clive Hope, Roger Laming, Leslie Olive, Tony Cracknell, Andy Steel (RIP), Charlie Chesterton (RIP), Linda and Andy at PDC, Sean & Steve LDC Sound, Andy Thompson, Damon (RIP) for the Banners, PC Dick Amiss, The Gravesend Reporter, The Kent Extra, The Kent Messenger, The Slammerites, The Sleeezites, The Woodville Halls Crew, The Springhead Crew, The White Hart Crew, Dave Forsyth (RIP) and The Valentino Crew, The Soul Bowl Crew, Mick and Barbara Smith plus The Central Crew, The Nelson Crew, The Stage 3 Crew, The Higham Crew, The Stocks Crew, The Flick crew, The Painters Ash Crew, The Bat & Ball Crew, The Kent Soul Festival Crew. Fred Dove (alive :-), DJ Froggy (RIP), James Hamilton (RIP), Erskine Thompson (RIP), Dancing Danny D, Jack 'Jacko' Adams (RIP), Adrian Webb, Robbie Vincent, Jeff Young, Chris Hill, Colin Hudd, John Rush, Cosmic, Powerful Pete, Kev Hill, Nicky Holloway, Paul Oakenfold, Dave Cook, Norman Jay, Chris Bangs, Gilles Peterson, Pete Tong, Bob Jones, Martin Collins, Chris Brown, Sean French, Rod Lucas, CJ Mackintosh, Trevor Nelson, Westwood, Thomas Felton, Dave Silby and Johnny Wright. The Record Company Promotion departments at Hot Licks, Impulse, Theos Hitsquad, WEA, Island, Rush, Power, CBS, MCA, Polydor, Phonogram, London, Greensleeves, Jet Star, Jive, Motown, Dambusters, A&M, Virgin, Chrysalis, Cooltempo.


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The photo below is a group of British DJ's working for free to raise money for the Tsunami that hit Thailand in 2005 with the DJ smiling, headphones on, being one of my best buddies from Gravesend and one of the original Unit 1 'flat' crowd, DJ Gee as he likes to be called. We've shared some stomach aching laughter together over the years especially in 1982 running around London Zoo wearing black bin liners pretending we were part of some nutty sect worshiping trees to the amusement of lots of Japanese tourists. Another Gravesend lad driven by music to travel the globe, set up his club Bora Bora and spread joy on all his journeys. Definitely something musical in the water of Gravesend. Gee lives in Brazil now and can be Googled as DJ Gee for lots of his story too.