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Lisa Stansfield - All Around The World - Chart: No.1

A Runaway Love remix by EG and Paul Witts for a Runaway hit song worldwide which you can download if you want a copy for your iPod.
Lisa Stansfield - All Around The World - Chart: No.1

I remember doing this mix at a studio in Kentish Town at the end of the summer in 1989 with Paul Witts. It only took two nights because everything was in place. It was already a great song structure and arrangement so we stuck true to the feeling of the song but just give it some percussion and a light Runaway Love (Linda Clifford) hint.

My stand-out memory of working with Lisa was getting her to travel to a Soul Weekender in November of '89 at Prestatyn run by Live Wire. At 4pm on the Sunday afternoon with the main room being given a Chris Hill finale session. At the time Jeff Young was the BBC Radio 1 dance DJ so whilst Lisa was back-stage waiting to be introduced by Chris then Jeff Young got on the phone to Radio 1 to speak to Bruno Brooks who was about to start the Top 40 run down - Jeff asked Bruno where Lisa's single "All Around The World" was and Bruno replied NUMBER 1. We looked at Lisa and told her, "you're #1 honey", she couldn't believe it, then Chris announced her to the 4'000 people dancing in front of him "we now have a VERY special surprise for you, her new song has been played all weekend by the DJ's and now she has just been told that she has the NUMBER ONE record in the country - give a mighty big roar for LISA STANSFIELD". The crowd went bonkers and Lisa came on took the mic with tears running down her face and said "fooking hell, I can't believe it, give me a minute I can't sing for crying" so the crowd started singing the song for her to help. It was a once in a lifetime moment for those that were there and I was particularly pleased as I had bent her Manager's ear (Jazz Summers) the previous week about Lisa coming all the way to North Wales on such a potentially big weekend in her career. Here she is back-stage just before the news and her performance..


At the bottom of the page, if you want to you can download the Eddie Gordon-Paul Witts (Runaway Love) mix which was the one being played at the Soul Weekender.

UPDATE - An email below from a Brazilian DJ received 24 years after we did the remix - music truly is everlasting :-)

Sent: Friday, April 6, 2012 9:41 AM
Subject: Lisa Stansfield - All Around The World - Runwaylove Remix

Hi Eddie,
My name is Marcos Mamede. I'm a brazilian DJ from Rio de Janeiro. Unfortunately I don't have the Runawaylove remix (my favorite version).
Is it possible to send this file for me with a good audio quality ? Pleeeeeeease !!!
Marcos Mamede

2012/4/6 Eddie Gordon ‪‬
Hi Marcos,

The download is at the bottom of the page on this link.

Best regards

Eddie Gordon

Thanks so much Eddie Gordon !
You made wonderful remixes !
Best Regards,
Marcos Mamede

All Around The World. Lisa Stansfield. EG Runaway Love Mix.mp3

download (10.6mb)

uncompressed audio (CD, etc.) or high quality mp3enjoy!

Eddie Gordon

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