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Kings Of Spins

About Kings Of Spins.

Music out on Spotify, Apple, in the Cloud? GREAT !

KINGS can tell the world about your music.

First off, my personal expertise is dance radio. I have worked in dance radio for over 30 years. Two of my success stories are still on the BBC Radio 1 schedule every week now after more than 20 years, Pete Tong, whom I managed for 20 years and the Essential Mix show which I created and produced for 8 years. KINGS was the first digital online radio promotion company starting in 2003, the rest followed our example....

"KINGS OF SPINS began life in July 2003 as DJinTheMix with staff in the USA & Europe. Everyday KINGS OF SPINS sends new music to a database of 1700+ radio DJs who play all genres of dance music in 75 countries on 1100+ radio stations, many syndicated to multi-networked stations and collectively talking to 100 million+ music lovers worldwide.

Social media. 201​7​ music fans need to see and hear about new music releases many times over before they make buying choices - radio plays connected to social media around the world is perfect for creating those essential multi-impressions. 2016 was ​a very big year for digital marketing and social media throughout the world. Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and Snapchat are at the center of every​ major​ digital marketing campaign for music, movies, books sporting events and news.

Twitter is 'the' essential real-time buzz indicator of social media activity, now used by all major news outlets, the US 2016 election swung on it .

EVERY time a KINGS DJ ​posts​ their personal feedback​ on tracks received from KINGS their feedback ​is instantly sent ​straight to you (the client), us (KINGS) and to TWITTER. which then gets retweeted and favorited.​

The ​200'210 tweets on our Twitter page are real-time, live reactions and feedback from the KINGS Radio DJ database about new releases the DJ's have received from KINGS for their shows."

That is over 137 thousand (137'000) live posted reactions from Radio DJ's that the online world see share, re-Tweets and favorites - it's amazing promotion for your artist, label and you socially..

In 2017 the smartest and most essential thing to do is connect music fans to new releases with your Radio spins, with Tweets, Youtube, Facebook features and retail links to Spotify. Apple Music, iTunes, Beatport, Traxsource, Amazon etc all in one hit.

KINGS is the only service in the world that covers all of them for you worldwide. We send your new releases to multi-genre dance Radio DJ's around the world so they can tell their audiences about your music, support your release and grow your social networking collective.

Some KING'S advice to help you maximize the impact of your campaign

Best Mixes First - 99% of dance music Radio DJs earn their real money as club DJ's. They play tracks on air that feature strong in the mix on their club nights so start your campaign with your best club mixes.

Old tracks or mixes - Today, online, nothing is old in music, it's all there to be discovered by new fans around the world. Myself included, I'm constantly finding music that I like and buy, old or new that I've never heard before :-)

Radio in 2017 is FM, Online, Digital & Satellite and it's all about the quality of the mix for mix shows. Radio 2016 is global with all the world's top DJ's having weekly shows, they are the KINGS of their show's..

Artwork - We live in an ​image conscious world today, your artwork is online forever so try to make your artists & releases look the best for 2017​ or even 2030..

Youtube - has over 1 Billion monthly users worldwide it's the single biggest platform in music - Youtube is there to connect the industry & fans to your release - you must use it, just an edit of the best mix with links will do the trick.

"We rule, so let us roll out the KINGS royal red carpet for your music."

Billboard Magazine USA - "KINGS Of Spins is a champion campaigner for new artists and their releases"

Kings Of Spins Facts

We've 3750 members (radio stations, DJs, producers...) in our system.

members by region
regionradio stationsradio deejaysshow producersheads of music
America - USA - East coast 123 268 5 2
America - USA - Central 55 83 1 2
America - USA - West coast 60 94 3
America - Canada 33 49
America - Caribbean 6 10

America - Middle and South America 34 29

Europe - Germany 42 52 1
Europe - France 54 37 3
Europe - Spain and Portugal 40 55 2
Europe - Italy and Malta 62 77 1
Europe - Benelux states 44 36 3
Europe - Scandinavia and Baltic states 30 32
Europe - Greece, Turkey and Cyprus 36 26

Europe - Central Europe 41 43 3
Europe - Eastern Europe 33 14

Europe - Russia 18 22

Europe - Ireland 24 32 2
Africa - North 1 2

Africa - South 9 5

Asia - Middle East 11 12

Asia - Japan 4 2

Asia - India 3 3

Asia - China and other countries 9 16

Australia and Oceania 40 40 2
UK - South 76 120 2
UK - London 67 250 5 3
UK - West 31 58

UK - East 25 60

UK - North 69 122 1
UK - Scotland 27 27 1 2
Internet only 23 19

total 1130 1695 35 11

members by genre
genremembers interested
Club Dance 1450
Pop 1952
House 1888
Funky house and soulful 2586
Electro House (mainstream) 1973
Electro House (dirty) 1547
Electro House (progressive) 1638
Disco House 2138
Hard house 1609
Tech house 2307
Deep house 2328
Cosmic Disco 1659
Trance 1744
Techno 1901
Progressive 2156
Hard dance 1553
Electro Pop 1699
Hardcore/rave 1397
Jumpstyle 1364
Minimal 1748
Nu Soul 1705
Electro 2218
Garage 1894
Drum and bass 1632
Tribal 1997
Breakbeat 1666
Dubstep 1575
2Step 1506
Hip Hop 1739
R&B 1859
Chill, Ambient, Lounge 1805
Rock 1426
Rock/indie 1473
Asian 1319
Soul/Jazz 1778
Reggae/dancehall 1541