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Neo Records

NEO Records - from Sandstorm by Darude to innovation with online radio in Ibiza streaming live audio and visuals of the world famous sunsets around the Globe from Cafe Mambo. We had a landed-on-the-moon moment the day Roger Sanchez was No:1 with "Another Chance" in the UK singles chart on Sunday 9th July 2001 and the next evening doing a Sunset broadcast live through our set up in Cafe Mambo, San Antonio, Ibiza. Not only could you hear Roger's set online you could see him via the 7 different positioned camera's and the sunset with everything being streamed, audio plus visual via the infamous Spanish internet telephone lines. That moment, as I walked into the DJ booth area, on Monday 10th July 2001 stopped me in my tracks as it captured everything that was possible for the future. Looking at Roger at the decks playing to the sunset, then looking at him on the computer monitor being beamed live on the internet to anybody in the world watching via, I realised "oh my God this idea really works". On his first full day at No:1 Roger Sanchez is doing his thing for us here in Ibiza with a big smile on his face. Thank you once again Guardian Angels for another "moment" to always cherish. An idea now fully born, like one of your babies in the delivery room, it's alive and the gears of life change.
From the 2002 summer on the idea was used by the BBC every year after - but I saw the potential first and more importantly without endless BBC budgets we got it working. You must trust your gut instincts when you know logically that something can work. I remember nagging two of the Mambo DJ's Pete Gooding and Jim Breese to use the Mic so listeners knew it was Cafe Mambo in Ibiza and now today they both have Radio Shows and Cafe Mambo do too.  Thank you Javier, Miquel, Pete, Jim, Matt and Nikki (and of course the S-Man).

Here's the press release Nikki sent out Monday 10th July 2001

Roger Sanchez live from Ibiza

"Catch the S Man playing a live sunset mix tonight"

Roger Sanchez, currently riding high at number one in the UK charts with Another Chance, is playing a live DJ set tonight from Cafe Mambo, Ibiza.Worldpop/dance have teamed up with, the internet radio station to bring you the action streaming into your home as if you were there! The S Man will be cutting up all his favourite house tracks, old and new before ending with the sunset at 9.30pm. Not only can you hear the mix but you'll also be able to watch all the action on the wheels of steel thanks to the 7 webcams set up inside the Mambo DJ booth and pointing at the beach and sunset. are broadcasting live 16 hours a day throughout the summer from Mambo with other sets lined up from Judge Jules, Roger Sanchez plus all visiting famous DJs spinning at Mambo. Go to at 8pm (7pm BST) to watch Roger Sanchez. The sunset is at 9.30pm (8.30 BST).

Below is a screenshot of from Sep 2001



Neo Records and the recordings


Neo is Latin for New. A new beginning for a lot of people and my first real venture into the world of the independent label away from major company funding. We signed our first track from Rotterdam by flying a 2 seater plane from Biggin Hill to the Rotterdam city airfield. We walked into the Dutch label's office with our flying gear on and announced "we've come to sign that Shrink record". The Dutch guys Peter and Pete were so surprised that we'd actually flown ourselves over they signed the record to us straight away. Then we all went for lunch laughing. Fun days. I still speak to Pete and Ronald (Shrink) today and that was April '98.


A great logo for an exciting, innovative label with some great music from wonderful artists promoted by some real people who loved their music. Put into liquidation by the closure of Strictly Rhythm Records in NY who owed us a lot of money, over $700'000, and even more, they owed us honesty, the truth about their impending closure months before the day I discovered it by accident when I walked into their New York office and found that all the staff had been laid off with only the owner and lawyer still at their desks. If told before we could have moved our huge USA hit project by Darude to another Warner label and kept the whole thing moving forward. As it was Warners were still selling Darude's debut album and 12" records across the USA for months and months after with "Sandstorm" the biggest dance single in the US that year, but we would never see $1 of those sales ever. Walking back into the sunshine of Broadway, Manhattan that afternoon, on Sep 22nd 2002 was like coming out of the Doctors after being told you have a terminal problem. I knew in an instant that all our hard work for 4 years and the jobs of all the Neo staff was to be brought to an unthinkable crashing end. Within 5 months the decision to close Neo was taken starting a long three year process of legal nonsense. Nice work stinky Finklefish !


Looking through the sheer size of catalogue below I now fully appreciate the work done by many to bring us so much good music. All the artists, the great people including (in no preferential order) Russell Allen, Michael Archer, Alex Anderson, Richard Baskind, Stewart Rowell, Darren Hamer, Daniel Sherman, Richard Smith, Paul Newton, Angela John, Hayes Hickman, Nikki Wright, Jacqui Li, Jeff, Lisa Blofeld, Trevor Porter, Minnie, Lottie, Jess, Kelly, Nichola Smith, Tammy Cartwright and Winston. Thank you very much for coming to work and giving your very best to the journey of this label, it couldn't have happened without you. Quite a body of work for an indie label over 4 years. Eddie Gordon

Elon Musk Tweet Feb 4th 2021


A Neo 12" Record sleeve on TV in 2019 with episode 6 of the Hanna show. Thank you Stewart Rowell for spotting it. We made it !! :-)



NEO12021 Underground Solution (2) Release The Pressure (12", S/Sided)
NEO12055 PROMO Maria Rubia Say It (2x12", Promo)
NEO12071 Ce Ce Lia Shame (12")
NEO12001 Shrink* Nervous Breakdown (12")
NEO12002 DJ Lucien* No More Music (12")
NEO12003 Aura (8) Share The Tears (12")
NEO12004 Boccaccio Life The Secret Wish (12")
NEO12005 Liquid Child Diving Faces '98 (12")
NEO12006 Kadoc Clap Your Hands (12")
NEO12007 Southwest Six featuring Lizzie Mirrorcheck! (12")
NEO12008 Liquid Child Diving Faces '99 (12")
NEO12008 CD Liquid Child Diving Faces (CD, Maxi)
NEO12009 Boccaccio Life The Secret Wish (Remixes) (12")
NEO CD025 Hani Baby Wants To Ride (CD, Maxi)
NEO12009 CD Boccaccio Life The Secret Wish (CD, Maxi)
NEO12010 Pulp Victim The World 99 (12")
NEO12011 Lovechild Liberta (12")
NEO12011 Lovechild Liberta (12", TP)
NEO12012 Steve Morley Reincarnations (12")
NEO12013 Olmec Heads, The Spiritualised (12")
NEO12014 Rhythm Masters Ibiza In My Soul (12")
NEO12015 Inflexion Pure (12")
NEO12016 Thrillseekers, The Synaesthesia (12")
NEO12017 Silhouette Can't Wait To Find Love (12")
NEO12019 Starfighter Apache (12")
NEO12020 Partision No Me Gustah (12")
NEO12023 Spectre (4) Spectrum (12")
NEO12024 Kluster Back To The Funk (12")
NEO12024 CD Kluster Back To The Funk (CD, Maxi)
NEO12025 Hani Baby Wants To Ride (12")
NEO12026 Dark Palace Impact (12")
NEO12027 Sgt. Slick White Treble, Black Bass (12")
NEO12028 Liquid Child Return Of Atlantis (12")
NEO12029 Basstoy Runnin (12")
NEO12030 Neve Sacrifice (12")
NEO12032 Olmec Heads, The Magic Man (12")
NEO12033 Darude Sandstorm (12")
AVTCDS-283 Darude Sandstorm (CD, Maxi)
NEO CD029 Basstoy Runnin (CD, Maxi)
NEO CD033 Darude Sandstorm (CD, Maxi)
NEO CD038 Rollergirl Dear Jessie (CD, Maxi)
NEO CD039 Georgie Porgie Life Goes On (CD, Maxi)
NEO CD040 Nigel Gee Hootin' (CD, Maxi)
NEO CD045 Darude Feel The Beat (CD, Maxi)
NEO CD051 Ratty Sunrise (Here I Am) (CD, Maxi)
NEO CD053 Blaze My Beat (CD, Maxi)
NEO CD1050 Thrillseekers, The Synaesthesia (Fly Away) (CD, Maxi)
NEO MC045 Darude Feel The Beat (Cass, Single)
NEO12022 Judy Albanese You (12")
NEO12029 Basstoy Runnin' (12")
NEO12033R Darude Sandstorm (Remixes) (12")
NEO12034 Nomos No. 2 EP (12", EP)
NEO12035 Angels Of Love One Night Love Affair (12")
NEO12035 Angels Of Love One Night Love Affair (12")
NEO12035 PROMO Angels Of Love One Night Love Affair (2x12", Promo)
NEO12036 Florian F* Surreal Brazil (12")
NEO12037 Savage Spirits Afrodite (12")
NEO12038 Rollergirl Dear Jessie (12")
NEO12039 Georgie Porgie Life Goes On (2x12", Promo)
NEO12040 Nigel Gee Hootin' (12")
NEO12040 PROMO Nigel Gee Hootin' Harry (12", Promo)
NEO12042 Fisher Project I Get A Rush (12")
NEO12043 Hole In One Ride The Moon (12")
NEO12045 Darude Feel The Beat (12")
NEO12045 PROMO Darude Feel The Beat (12", Promo)
NEO12050 PROMO Thrillseekers, The Synaesthesia (Fly Away) (2x12")
NEO12051 Ratty Sunrise (Here I Am) (12")
NEO12051Promo Ratty Sunrise (Here I Am) (12", Promo)
NEO12051X Ratty Sunrise (Here I Am) (12", Promo, Ltd)
NEO12053 Blaze My Beat (12")
NEO CD054 Rhythm Masters Heavy Soul (CD, Maxi)
NEO CD055 Maria Rubia Say It (CD, Maxi, Enh)
NEO CD056 Rhythm Masters Underground (CD, Maxi)
NEO CD067 Darude Out Of Control (Back For More) (CD, Enh)
NEO CD068 Darude Before The Storm (CD + CD, Enh)
NEO CD073 Basstoy Runnin' (CD, Maxi)
NEO CD2050 Thrillseekers, The Synaesthesia (Fly Away) (Steve Helstrip's Essential Mix) (CD, Maxi)
NEO12042X Fisher Project I Get A Rush (12")
NEO12044 Rocco & Heist Rescue Me (12")
NEO12046 Rocco & Heist Paradiso Rush (12")
NEO12047 Journey Man DJ Can You Dig It? (12")
NEO12047 PROMO Journey Man DJ Can You Dig It? (12", Promo)
NEO12049 PROMO Juice (2) Superstar (12", Promo)
NEO12050 Thrillseekers, The Synaesthesia (Fly Away) (12")
NEO12050 Thrillseekers, The Synaesthesia (12", TP, W/Lbl)
NEO12052 ESP (3) Traveller (12")
NEO12055 Maria Rubia Say It (12")
NEO12056 Rhythm Masters Underground (12")
NEO12056 Rhythm Masters Underground (2x12")
NEO12057 Brent Laurence Ain't Gonna (12")
NEO12060 Livith Mafia Shaved (12")
NEO12062 Marc Marberg The W@p (12", Promo)
NEO12064 Carlo Carita & Angels Of Love Better Than Before (12")
NEO12067 Darude Out Of Control (Back For More) (12")
TP002 M* / Darude Europropaganda Summer 12" (12")
NEO CD072 Various Retro 1 (2xCD)
NEO CD075 Frank T.R.A.X. Nebuchan (CD, Maxi)
NEO CD077 Various Space Ibiza 2002 (2xCD)
NEO CD079 DJ Marc Aurel* Running (CD, Maxi, Enh)
NEO CD080 Various Retro 2: Ibiza (2xCD)
NEO CD082 Various ♥ Trance (3xCD)
NEO CD083 Various Retro 3 (2xCD)
NEO12063 Miasma (2) Fallin' (12", Promo, W/Lbl)
NEO12072 Various Retro 1 (2xLP)
NEO12075 Frank T.R.A.X. Nebuchan (12")
NEO12075 PROMO Frank T.R.A.X. Nebuchan (12", Promo)
NEO12075X Frank T.R.A.X. Nebuchan (Remixes) (12")
NEO12075X PROMO Frank T.R.A.X. Nebuchan (Remixes) (12")
NEO12077I Various Space Ibiza 2002 Inside EP (12")
NEO12077T Various Space Ibiza 2002 Terrace EP (12")
NEO12079 Marc Aurel Running (12")
NEO12079 PROMO Marc Aurel Running (12", Promo)
NEO12080 Various Retro 2 - Ibiza (Part 1) (2xLP)
NEO12080X Various Retro 2 - Ibiza (Part 2) (2xLP)
NEO12081 Charly Fath* S.O.S. (12")
NEO12081 PROMO Charly Fath* S.O.S. (12", Promo)
NEO12083 Various Retro 3 (Part 1) (2xLP)
NEO12083X Various Retro 3 (Part 2) (2xLP)