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Stevie Wonder Wonderful

Stevie Wonder Wonderful

I got to work with Stevie Wonder in 1989 at Motown for his 41st birthday record releases and Wembley Arena concert. He is an artist I regard as the most incredible gift from God ever. Just listen to his album The Songs In The Key Of Life and realise that this is a blind man writing, singing and playing those songs, using his extra sensory ability to create his magic for all of us to enjoy. I believe if there was a Poll in the USA for America's most gifted,' wonderful' singer song-writer he would come in at Number 1 because so many artists still today credit him as their major influence. Being able to work with him was a dream of dreams.

Eddie Gordon

"Eddie Gordon - the career of a new Millennium, innovative, forward thinking mind that has shaped the way music is presented to millions of people the world over with his visionary attitude to life's changes and the reason why music is so influential in all of our lives from the cradle to the grave."
Gabor Szanto - Budapest

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