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Karen Ramirez - Looking For Love - Chart: No.6

A real record man's success. Found the singer after listening to a cassette whilst walking around the Bay of Naples to a studio, signed her to an album deal in London, presented her a song that I'd been holding onto for 3 years. Got her to change her name from Robin Grey and the rest was history with a great album too - her Spanish version of Troubled Girl on Cafe Del Mar 4 was another EG idea - but my favorite recording of hers is The Best Of My Love, an old Eagles song she recorded but it never came out. I still listen to it.
Karen Ramirez - Looking For Love - Chart: No.6

Eddie Gordon

"Eddie Gordon - the career of a new Millennium, innovative, forward thinking mind that has shaped the way music is presented to millions of people the world over with his visionary attitude to life's changes and the reason why music is so influential in all of our lives from the cradle to the grave."
Gabor Szanto - Budapest

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